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Deepak KuMmar – VASTU AstroScience

An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, an Entrepreneur and worked as an IT Consultant for many multinational companies in India & mostly aboard. He is passionate about Understanding VASTU & Vedic astrology  scientifically  and bringing accuracy in prediction. He is  practicing it for more than 20 years.

My Story

Decision making is key for success. Only few important decisions in life can make you or break you. Successful people use their all available personal entrepreneurship resources like analytical thinking, emotional intelligence etc.to take right decision.

But do you think planets of our solar system can also play crucial role in this process that effects person’s critical decision making, analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, relationship management, entrepreneurship, stress management ability and other lifestyle issues of today on us ? Agree ? Let us see.

For instance, Sunlight enables us to see and appreciate the beauty of the world, as well as helping us nourishing with Vitamin D. Recent scientific studies suggest, deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to stress, muscular, joint pain, fatigue and bone pain.

At Planets Power, we understand that when individual align themselves more towards these, it becomes easier to achieve better life. we assist in determining the planetary positions for individuals, and advise appropriate alignment and relevant recommendations, which may help you to attain the set objectives and lead a happy life.

Similarly, over time the effects of Moon on human behavior has been a subject of interest and ongoing research wherein scientists are trying to identify and study the implications of the lunar cycle on us, beyond its certain implication on open bodies of water on earth like oceans.

While substantial amount of study is available through modern science illustrating the effects of Sun and Moon on us, the same degree of deliberation is missing establishing the potential affects of other heavenly bodies, like the planets of our solar system, on us. However, there are ample resources available in ancient Vedic literature providing insights in to this interesting field of study.


I am in touch with Mr Deepak from past 10 years. I hardly believe on astrology. After working for first 5 year in IT industry, I started realizing my friends are going to US and earning handsome amount. The projects which I get are non on-site complied. I thought of trying astrology and one of my family friend recommended to get in touch with Mr Deepak, He recommended few stones and guided me but I showed disinterest in buying those stones thinking how it can help. But after 3 years my wife asked me to try that, I again reached him. This time he logically explained my chart. I asked several questions related to astrology and it's authenticity. I was surprised when he explained me each and everything logically. He himself is engineer and understand that people.will not blindly accept anything. I started following him, to my surprise in very sort span I saw so many positives including my personal and professional life. Currently he acts to me as a hope, when people are struggling with Corona time , I asked his views on this . The kind of detail he provided on this tough time was amazing and difficult to believe. I believed his article and things happened exactly on those days. Thanks Mr Deepak for my happiness. He is an amazing combination of vedic astrology and modern science.

Rakesh Kumar,

I am a software professional

I have been consulting him from more than 7 years now. The kind of insights he has given me of my past and future has been surprising me. Somethings that he predicted were hard to believe but it left me without words when they actuary happened. 

Archana Ranjith,

An HR professional

My husband recommended me to consult him. I am in his touch from past 5 years. I never met him personally even first time my husband simply given him my birth details. He very easily predicted my personality, I was surprised to see his command on astrology. He helped me and my husband in taking so many important decisions of life. I never regretted his advice. Thank you Mr Deepak for all your help in making my life happy.

Nitya Nidhi,

I am house wife

Mr. Deepak has provided several astrology readings to me over the past 4 years and has been 100% accurate in predicting information and even specific dates that events would occur. He offers guidance on how to navigate weaker times and advice on how to stay ahead in stronger ones. I would greatly recommend an astrology reading by Deepak. It will surely be enlightening!


I am an Australian expat living in Dubai for the last 7 years

Im in contact with Mr. Deepak since 9 years and since i met him i saw several positive changes in my life and saw my life coming on right track. Mr. Deepak always gave me direction towards the right path. I would say he is a mentor for me in dubai and everywhere who becomes my guardian whenever i feel lost. Thank you Mr. Deepak for all your support.

Yasha Kumawat,

I am working into Business Development in some prominent FMCG company in Dubai.

Thank u so much Deepakji for all the posts. It s been very helpful🙏

Poonam Mirani,


Mr Deepak is a very well read and educated astrologer , who just does not give you vague prognosis , predictions and solutions , but gives well explained and meaningful insights to your future according to the planets in the birth chart .


I live in dubai . I met Deepak ji though a common contact

I know him for a long time. He is very honest and have a very profound knowledge on astrology. What he predicted for me was correct

Asim Das,

I am working as an engineer.

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