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New Sunrise awaits every dark night.

The year 2021 looks reviving, hopeful, positive and healing for a relationship, economy, business, job market and overall happiness for mankind.

Just Before going to the year 2021 astrological analysis, let us recap and look at the current situation worldwide. The feeling has started among the masses that the peak of the worst pandemic is over, the number of new cases of Pandemic has reduced worldwide. Mentally people are ready to accept and overcome any challenage. Fear from mind has gone and ready to fight back to make the situation at least workable even if it is not going back  to past 2020. Working culture has changed, people purchasing power reduced, a clear-cut differentiation started in mind what is called necessity and what is luxury. Many sectors which have seen a sharp decline like transportation, hotel industry, outdoor sports, Cinema etc. are still not fully recovered. At the time, when governments are preparing for large scale vaccination drive worldwide, people are anxiously waiting for its outcome with questions back in mind like wheather 2nd wave still a possibility , how soon things become normal where people can start travelling freely, what would be the condition of economy and job market  in coming days ?  Here , in the below analysis ,which is based on  Planets movements  of our solar system in different Zodiac sign, their inter relationship  and its indications of impacts in general for settingup  trends of events for the year 2021 with some important  dates .


Before entering into the year 2021, on 21st December 2020, Jupiter & Saturn conjunction is an important astronomical incidence. A conjunction is when two objects appear close to each other in the sky. A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happens about once every 20 years, but this Jupiter and Saturn are little different and coming very close after almost 400 years. The last time these two planets appeared so close was on July 16, 1623.

What would be the impact?

Saturn is at a distance of 10 times and Jupiter at 5 times from the Earth than the distance between Earth and Sun. Saturn and Jupiter are the two biggest planets of our solar system. This conjunction effect of these two planets will be felt for a long time and chances are that the world habitation, economy, trade, the religious value would change slowly to a different level and in different direction after 21st Dec 2020. Saturn is considered for the planet of success, justice, hard work, people belongs to service sector, farmers and the things below the earth like oil, Gas, Metals like Iron. Jupiter is a planet which represent  religion, spirituality, advisory, finiancial matter and metal gold. These all related fields would be in focus area of next few years. Just to make long story  short ,for the general public, professionals, service sector workers or Enterprenures, based on the currect Saturn-Jupiter conjuction  of 21st Dec 2020 indications, to handle current tough situation, hardwork with determination, learning new techniques, having good circle of positive mindset people and following the path of justice are must. 

PLANET MARS in ARIES from 24th DEC 2020 till 21st FEB 2021

Planet Mars which represents Energy, courage, bravery, passion, ambition, competitiveness, bravery, heroism, fighting spirit, mechanical or technical ability, sports etc. is going to transit into Zodiac Sign Aries from 24th Dec till 22nd Feb 2021. Aries is a fiery sign and its colour is bright red. It is ruled by Planet Mars. Planet Mars also provides the best quality of thinking power with clear direction. So, it is expected that when Mars transit to Aries, People’s confidence level and their fighting spirit became high which can help in building an environment of confidence worldwide. People may become more industrious and outdoor sports like football, cricket, hockey etc. pick-up momentum. It is expected that during this period manufacturers, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, fire-fighters, mechanics, and properties prices once again start picking up. Good for the Auto industry and Energy sector also.

LONG TRANSIT OF PLANET MERCURY In CAPRICORN from 5th Jan till 10th March 2021

Prolonged Transit of Planet Mercury in CAPRICORN from 5th JAN to 10th March 2021, then 11th March till 31st March 2021 in Aquarius – Both Zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Planet Saturn which is cold, dry, slow, dark, denial and delay. Planet Mercury represents the business, speculation, communication, transportation, airports, accounting offices, public places, parks, public assemblies, places of entertainment etc. In the body part, it represents nervous control, respiratory functions, bronchial tube, lungs, and Direction North. So, it is expected that Prolonged Transit (nearly 65 days) of Planet Mercury in Capricorn and then in Aquarius would delay the things related to Mercury till 31st March. So expected recovery would be slow in a related area. However, below mentioned transit of Mercury would be very crucial.

LONG TRANSIT OF PLANET MERCURY in TAURUS from 1st May till 6th July 2021 & LONG TRANSIT OF PLANET MERCURY in TAURUS from 26th August till 20th Nov 2021 in Virgo and Libra

So, it is expected that Prolonged Transit (nearly 65 days) of Planet Mercury in Taurus should make  fast recovery however Planet Mercury will be sitting along  with Rahu which may not be very good and it may add some uncertainties . This time period is generally important for  the financial market and in general things related to business, speculation, communication, transportation, airports, accounting offices, public places, parks, public assemblies, places of entertainment etc. Mercury in Virgo & Libra should give better results .

ALL PLANETS ACROSS RAHU -KETU AXIX from 11th JAN till 26th March 2021 And 15th Dec 2021 till 26th March 2022.

Rahu and Ketu are always at an angle 180 degree from each other which form an Axis called Rahu-Ketu axis. Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets. Planet imbalance situation occurs when all astrological planets of our Solar system like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are positioned only one side of the Rahu-Ketu Axis. Generally, all astrological physical planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are placed on both sides of the Rahu & Ketu axis, but occasionally, it comes only one side of the axis. It has been observed that whenever such planet imbalance happens, most of the time world faces some type of issue or economic recession like 2000, 2008 & 2020 etc. or ongoing problem gets aggravated and its take time to settle down the things up to 3 to 6 months. Again from 15th Dec 2021 till 26th March 2022, all physical planets will be aligned only one side of Rahu-Ketu Axis. So, it is advised that during the period it is better to avoid Risky investments.  

Transit of JUPITER in Aquarius

Planet Jupiter Transit to Zodiac Sign Aquarius should be considered good and can bring overall positivity.

Other Slow-Moving Planets

Other slow-moving Planets like Saturn will remain in their own Zodiac sign Capricorn for the full year, however , it will go in to reverse direction from 23rd May 2021 till 10th Oct 2021.Rahu & Ketu will remain in their exalted position for the full year, however they will be in stationary around 16 degree from 13th May till 19th July and again around 7 degree from 21st Oct till 2nd January 2022. Jupiter will remain in Capricorn and Aquarius for the full year, however Jupiter will be Stationary between June 2021 to July 2021 in Aquarius and again between 26th Sep. till 10th Nov. 2021. In the month of Dec. 2021 , Jupiter and Saturn will be travelling together . So all these above mentioned time period are special and may delay in bringing  pleasant  situation back. However, other than these their general good effects should be  felt. Other fast-moving planets like Moon, Sun and Venus and Mars have their regular movement and will have as a usual good movement. 


After going through the planetary movements for the year 2021, it looks it is year of caution. The year should start with a positive and good promising note but as indicted above pickup would be slow .The situation should improve slowly  after March 26, 2021 and after that it should keep growing for rest of the year except for the long patches as mentioned above. Hoping , year 2021 should be  reviving,  positive and bring healing for a relationship, economy, business, job market and overall happiness for mankind.

We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. May your dreams come true in the coming year.  After Mid 2022 , things should be much better . Analysis will be provided later.

The view expressed in this analysis is personal and indicative in nature. it may be  helpful for those who study astrology as a research purpose or for enhancing knowledge on the subject. In this Analysis, only those planets movement are considered in the analysis whose movements are important and going to play  signifcant role. 

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