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Ukraine Crisis

Today whole world has one question to get an Answer, When will Ukraine and Russia war will over?

I received many calls from known circles to tell when it is going to get over, My Straight Answer from Day one is ONLY AFTER 8th  APRIL 2022.

People say what?

It should not last more than 3-4 days … Now, it is more than 20 days when I am writing this as curiosity and uncertainty increase.

I have only general knowledge about these countries, and I do not know who is right or who is wrong?

WAR is an unpleasant event, and it brings only sorrow. The Analysis given below is Astrological and based on planet movements.

In the analysis trying to figure out when it could be over? Time will only tell how much these analyses are correct.

Ukraine and Russia war started on 24/02/2022. If we see the important planet’s position during these dates and check what is odd in all these movements, then we will find that from 15th February 2022, the planet Mars and the planet Venus traveled almost together very closely in the Zodiac sign Sagittarius if seen from Earth. Physically they are a distance apart, but as we observe from the earth, it looks as if they are together.

Planet Mars is considered a planet of war, Aggression, Military, Fire, wound, etc. and Planet Venus is considered for Music, Cinema, Drama, Actor, Artist, etc.

Since these planets were very close for a long time, it was expected that it is not good for the Artist & Music communities, particularly those people for whom either Venus or Mars or Both are Malefic planets.  There are so many prominent figures from the Artist & Music community like Lata Mangeshkar, Bappi Lahiri, etc died in this period. Remember from 15th Dec 2021 till 26th March 2022, Planet imbalance is also in place. Planet imbalance is a situation, where all the physical planets are aligned only one side of Rahu- Ketu axis.

The President of Ukraine is also an Artist, before becoming President of the country.

From the 27th of FEB 2022, the Planet Mars moved and entered into the Zodiac sign Capricorn for almost 45 days Where it became very strong due to its exaltation. The Zodiac sign Capricorn is ruled by Planets Saturn. Saturn is considered for the general public, working-class people. In Capricorn, lord of the Capricorn, Saturn is also transiting so it was expected that things would further get worst.

Further to this, Planet Mercury which is considered for patience and communication and Venus also transiting together with mars and Saturn. So overall impact was expected to be unpleasant during this period.

Planets Mars which is traveling with Planet Venus will start departing each other after 15th March 2022, so there is a chance that after 15th March 2022, some positive movement starts taking place.

After the 8th of April 2022 planet Mars will move to the zodiac sign Aquarius from the Zodiac sign Capricorn, where Mars is not so strong, so the chances are, we can see some easiness in WAR between these two countries.

Planet imbalance will also be over by the 26th of March 2022.

By saying this it looks this war should be over by the 8th of April 2022, but before that, there are some very crucial dates between 1st to 6th April 2022.  On the 5th April 2022 planetary combinations would become such that it is indicating some major change. On the 5th of April 2022 Planet Mars and Planet Saturn will be very close, Shadow Planet Ketu will aspecting(seeing) Planet Jupiter, and Planet Sun and Planet Mercury will be very close, which will burn the effect of Mercury.

Based on the above facts, I Hope, it should end by the 8th of April 2022.

Thanks for your time to read the article.


The view expressed in this Analysis is personal and indicative. It may be helpful for those who study astrology for a research purpose or for enhancing knowledge on the subject. In this Analysis, only those planets’ movements are considered in the Analysis whose movements are essential and will play a significant role

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