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Many positive changes are happening in planetary system in coming few days that would once again boost the market and make people more and more confident. The important transition for this month are as written below 

Mercury changed its  direction from 3rd November to forward direction

Planet mercury has  changed its direction and it has started  moving in forward direction from retrograde. Forward direction is considered better in astrology than retrograde motion. Planet Mercury represents communication and confidence, it will bring the confidence high in general. Share market, trading, transportation etc. will start picking up again at very fast rate.

On 16th November –  Planet Mars changing to forward direction.

Planet Mars which represent Energy and fire will also change its direction to forward and this may make you feel energetic and confident . Good for Manufacturing and Auto industry.

On 16th November – Planet Sun leaving weak position

Planet Sun which is in weak position after 16th October , will move to strong position from 16th November, that may help governments across the globe to take good decisions for public .

On same day 16th November – Planet venus leaving weak position

Planet Venus will also move to its own house and take stronger position on 16th of November  . This movement will also bring a different level of confidence in market and people. Those who are associated with fashion industry, interior designers, jewellers, creative work, art, drama etc. may feel more appreciated.

Jupiter will move to Capricorn on 20th November

This will be one of the biggest planet movement for this month as it is going to stay for long period. Jupiter will be transitioning very closely with another big planet Saturn. Saturn is a very slow and dark planet and it represents masses. It will very close to Jupiter, where jupiter becomes weak, so it is expected that some religious people may face some unpleasant moments. Overall this transit of Jupiter is also going to be very good. Both Saturn and Jupiter planets were together in Capricorn in 1961. Astrologically it looks like gold prices may come down after 20th November.

Rahu and Ketu already sitting in their powerful position’s respectively and giving positive affects. Planet Saturn is also sitting in their own house .


when Mercury and Mars are changing directions. Sun and Venus are leaving their weak positions and entering into strong position, Jupiter entering into Capricorn, where Saturn is already placed in its own house and Rahu & ketu transitioning through their strongest position, So it is expected to be overall very good month, which can remove uncertainties with confidence and positivity. Keep patience and be Positive.

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!!! Happy Diwali !!!

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